About our Baby Room

We pride ourselves on providing a home from home atmosphere that is warm and welcoming to each individual child, our environment is calm and natural following the theory “communication friendly spaces” which enables us to stimulate the children as and when is suitable for them.

Each child has their own space for items to ensure a sense of belonging is felt within the setting, we also offer this through photo tins of your child and their family to encourage them to feel settled.  We offer a range of different toys and activities which are planned using your child’s interests following regular observations of the children and using information from home.

We have well planned areas that allow babies to maximise space to move, roll, stretch and explore in safety indoors.  We provide a comfortable accessible environment where babies can rest or sleep when they want to.

Playing and engaging with each other.




Exploring sensory experiences.




We offer flexibility to meet yours and your baby’s needs as partnership with parents is paramount to us, we ask you to provide us with a settling plan that is regularly updated to ensure your child remains comforted by the similarity of routine from home to nursery. As communication is vital in ensuring a happy baby we provide a daily care sheet which gives you the information needed on your child’s day in which photos of your child are also provided. We have an open door policy to allow you as parents/carers to feel completely at ease and allow you and your baby to feel entirely contented by the care given.