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Little Sutton
Kids Club

...operates alongside our nursery for families who are looking for a fun and secure place for their school child.

During term-time, we operate before school from 7:45am and after school until 5:45pm. We also operate during school holidays as ‘Little Sutton Holiday Club’. Our holiday club operates during all school holidays (excluding Christmas) from 7:45am through to 5:45pm.

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Opening Times

Before School

7:45am – start of school
After School (Early)

Until 4.30pm
After School (Late)

Until 5:45pm



  • Fees are payable for all booked places even if your child is absent.

  • If you wish to cancel a place or request a change in sessions permanently one full calendar months’ notice must be given in writing and the period will start from the date the letter is received.

  • Any additional sessions booked will require full payment when booking.

  • Fees are invoiced termly in advance and details for payment can be found on the reverse of your first invoice which you will receive in the first few weeks of term.

  • It is important that you notify us immediately to any changes on your child’s records especially contact numbers.

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Our before school club gives busy families a secure place to drop-off their children prior to the beginning of school.


The group opens at 7:45am and children can be dropped off any time after this.


Between 8am and 8.20am we provide a range of breakfast foods for any children that require breakfast.

Our breakfast menu includes a range of healthy cereals and fruit, as well as milk and water.

During breakfast club various quiet activities are available and we strive to do what we can to make sure your child is ready for their busy school day.


Our after-school club is a safe place for your child to relax, have fun and make friends after school.


Our after school club runs from the end of school until 5:45pm.


During after school club we provide a range of fun and educational games and activities to keep children occupied and engaged.

We employ a range of students from the local area who guide these games and activities and who serve as excellent role models for our children.


Drinks are available at all times and a light snack will be provided for children booked into a late session.

Please be aware that this is a light snack and not a substantial evening meal. This snack will often be something that the children have made themselves during the session.

We are extremely diligent in making sure that all allergies and dietary requirements are catered for.

Candy Cotton


At Little Sutton Holiday Club we offer a full day of fun seasonal activities for children aged 4 – 11.


We are open every school holiday (except Christmas) and do our best to make sure that your child gets a holiday experience to remember.


At the start of the day we provide breakfast.

Children should bring their own packed lunch unless otherwise notified, as we do sometimes have special lunch days, such as picnics, barbecues and make-your-own lunches.



Sticky Notes

General Information

Health - Related


--- Please ensure all children’s belongings are clearly marked with their name, we do not hold responsibility for lost items.

--- If your child is going to be absent for any reason you must let us know, we are not automatically informed if your child is absent from school, has been sent home during the day or is attending a school event e.g. netball / football game.

--- If there is a note saying "SEE STAFF" by your child’s name on the register it is very important you speak to a member of staff before leaving the building, it may be very important.

--- If Little Sutton Primary school is closed for any reason during term time then Little Sutton Nursery and Kids club will also be closed.

--- In the event of severe weather during the day we ask that you collect your child as early as possible from kids club.

--- Please note the group is closed on all school staff training days, we will notify you of these dates as soon as they are made available to us.

--- Children who are unwell should not come into kids club, please notify both school and ourselves if your child is absent due to illness.

--- If your child has sickness and /or diarrhoea they must be clear for a minimum of 48 hours (2 full school days) before they return, this is in line with Little Sutton Primary schools policy.

If your child has been sent home from school with sickness we will not accept them back into kids club for 48 hours (2 full school days).

We only administer prescribed medication. This must be accompanied by the groups ( not schools ) signed medicine form and left in the care of the group at the start of the day ( please note we do not administer any pain relief even if prescribed by your GP).

--- If your child has any medical conditions including those that require long term medication e.g. inhalers, anti-histamine, epi pens, insulin etc. please speak to a member of staff in advance of your child starting.

--- If your child has an accident while with us it will be recorded in our accident book and you will be asked to sign it when you collect your child at the end of the session.

--- A copy of our sick child and medicine policy are on display in our entrance hall, a copy is available on request.

--- As the number of children with nut allergies is increasing, with the support of parents we aim to keep our setting nut free. We therefore ask parents not to use creams, sun creams, oils etc. on their child that may contain nut oil e.g. arachis, as this may have severe consequences to another child or member of staff.