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Little Sutton Nursery Sessions...



Our Nursery Class is open term time only and will also be closed during all local education authority closures.


If your child is registered for the nursery class and you would also like them to attend during school holidays you must submit a separate booking form.


Please be aware that Kids Club places are not guaranteed for Nursery Class Children.

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With our extended day we provide wraparound opportunities for families that require more comprehensive care or are otherwise unable to fit the regular nursery drop-off and collection times into their schedules.


In order to provide a complete service for our families, using our extended day, their booking is also reserved in the holiday club during school holidays (unless the whole group is closed including: bank holidays, the Local education authority two week Christmas closure, teacher training days, voting day etc.)


If you choose the extended day, option you will be advised of closures in advance. 


Once your child is in receipt of the nursery grant you may choose to opt out of the school holiday bookings – if you wish to do this you will need to advise us in advance in writing.


The minimum booking we accept is two sessions per week which must be over two separate days.

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