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Starting at Little Sutton Nursery

Starting Nursery is a very special time for your child. By working together, we can ensure that your child has a happy and exciting introduction to school life.


At the Little Sutton site our main intake is in September and our children usually have a start date during the first two weeks of term. Prior to this you will be invited into two play sessions.

During your child’s first few weeks at nursery they will have the opportunity to:

  • Start to feel secure in his/her new environment

  • Find out about the activities on offer

  • Gain in confidence and self-esteem

  • Get to know the Nursery Staff

  • Adjust to the new expectations made upon him/her.

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For our youngest children at Harvest field we have a comprehensive settling in programme where we offer three complimentary settling in sessions.

Session 1

  • During first sessions, opportunity to return all of your child’s forms

  • Meet staff who will work with your child for the first few weeks

  • 1 and a Half Hour Session

  • You are welcome to stay with your child for as long as you feel you need to.

Session 2

  • 2 and a Half Hour Session

  • Objective of child spending more time in the Nursery, without the parent

Session 3

  • Now for a Morning Session = 8:00am – 1:15pm

  • Chance for child to be able to experience lunchtime at the Nursery.

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For Parents...

It is important that the staff have a relationship of trust and confidence with the children, so you must tell your child whenever you are going and not attempt to slip away unnoticed. It is often easier for you and your child if you leave them straight away once they are settled with an activity. However, if you feel your child will have difficulty in settling it is important you discuss this with us and we will develop an individual settling programme that best suits the needs of your child.

Most children find the transition to Nursery exciting and enjoyable however a few can find it quite demanding at the start. Children may not be able to do as much before and after Nursery sessions as they did before starting Nursery, as they are tired at the end of the day. Others will fall asleep during the day even though they may not have done so for a while at home.

For children transferring to Little Sutton Nursery from our Harvest field unit we have a comprehensive transition programme in place and you will be given details by your child’s key person.

For details on starting our Kids club and Holiday club please contact us.

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Arriving at the Nursery

Entrance to nursery is via the infant entrance on Worcester lane or the gate on Harvestfields way which opens at 8.40am.

Please look at our map to see where the nursery is here

If your child is booked into the nursery class please wait on the playground at the main nursery entrance for the day to start at 9am; when the doors will open.

We are unable to admit any children into the group prior to 9am, unless booked for an extended day, except in severe weather conditions – heavy snow or very heavy rain, when the door will open at 8.50am.

Whilst waiting, please note that lessons have started and school ask that you keep your child with you on the playground at the entrance to nursery.

The school’s play equipment on the playground adjoining is designed for junior children and is not suitable for nursery children to play on, please DO NOT allow your children to play on this.

Once nursery opens, please take your child to greet a member of staff in their appropriate home room (you will be advised of this prior to starting) and then help them to settle by choosing an activity with them.

For children booked into our nursery class it is important that they arrive at the correct time to start the day. If your child is going to be late due to an appointment etc. please ensure a member of staff is advised in advance.

If your child is booked in for an extended day...

please ring the bell at the main nursery entrance on arrival. A member of staff will be there to greet you and your child, please use this time to pass on any information or ask any questions you may have. Drop off time is between 8am and 9am. All children who arrive before 9am must be signed in on the register by a parent/carer.

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On your child’s record card is a section to complete on people authorized to collect your child (these people must all be over 16 years) it is very important you complete this.

When you come to collect your child at the end of the nursery day please wait on the reception playground by the main nursery entrance.

The doors will open at 3.15pm and your child will be waiting for you in their room.

Staff will be available at this time to answer any questions and chat about what your child has been doing during their day; details will also be on display in each room.


There may be special occasions during the year where we are invited to join the main school for events or assemblies and we will ask you to collect your child at 3.30pm when school finishes. You will be advised in advance if this happens.

If your child is with us for a morning session until 11.30am or 1.15pm please wait outside the main school reception and your child will be brought over to you at the appropriate time. 

We use this entrance during the school day as Little Sutton Primary school is a secure site during school hours and all external gates are locked.

If your child is booked for an extended day you will need to sign them out on the register when you collect them.

Access after 3.30pm is via the junior gate onto Worcester lane, the entrance from Harvestfields Way is locked after 4pm.

Please note the site closes at 6pm and all children must be collected by this time. We do not have any facilities for children to be on site after 6pm and it can be very distressing for children left at nursery after all of the other children have gone.


If you know you may be late...

please arrange for someone else to collect and inform us who this person will be.

Persistent lateness may put your child’s place at risk.